The classic comparison: real vs virtual

Even though we like both sides equally (reality and virtual space), we can’t help to not make comparison, to analyze the benefits and disadvantages of every side. So do the online casino players, they make comparison between online casino betting sites and brick and mortar casinos when they can decided which ones are the best for them.

Therefore, let’s get started!

Let’s talk first about diversity since it is a pretty important factor in the decision of choosing. Online casino gambling sites are characterized by this word. When you want to choose an online casino you want to make rigorous researches in order to discover the best one for you because they come in many sorts: there are free cash casinos (where players can play and test online casino games for free – list of free bonus casinos for USA players), there are no deposit online casinos (as well, where players can enjoy free games and obtain no deposit casino bonuses that can give them the opportunity to money without risking their very own), download and install casinos (that have hundreds and hundreds of online casino gambling games, mobile casinos (that besides fun, they offer convenience because they can be accessed from any location – let’s say from the bus). On the other side, traditional casinos are simply buildings and players need to go to them and that’s all. Diversity is not present in brick and mortar casinos, the only they stand out is the classic atmosphere of a casinos, atmosphere that many players just love.

Accessibility is yet another term of comparison and an important one because online casino gambling sites are available 24/7 and can be accessed from any location as long as the player has internet connection and a device that is compatible with the online casino software. On the other hand, traditional casino sites have strict programs, normal programs, there are a few that work non-stop, but it still not the same thing like with online casino gambling pages.

The matter of time is also a thing that needs to be taking into consideration since in online casino sites players don’t have to wait their turn to play some slots or poker games. In brick and mortar casino houses if you want to play at a certain slot machine device and a player is already playing at it, you will have to wait until that player finishes and sometimes it may take hours.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to gamble I always choose online casino betting sites and I don’t have to tell you my reasons because I already did that.